Strep throat


I never go on sick leave no matter what happens, maybe I’ll do it when I’m so debilitated that I can’t even file it on my own. I started azithromycin a day after the fever started. Gauging on how things felt I am sure it was high grade. I skipped on antipyretics so my immune system can work it’s own magic. After all azithromycin is concentrated on the site of active phagocytosis. 

I slept all day yesterday literally, only walking up at noon for a meal and a quick shower then for dinner. I woke up at 5am feeling very well, still a bit light headed but not febrile anymore, and that’s just one dose. One of the things that I like about azithromycin is it’s only a 3 day once a day regimen.

I had so many planned things missed. Hopefully that all can be done next week, with some things done today.




This has been long overdue, unpleasant but very welcome indeed.  After all this time, I was fighting the wrong war. To cut it short I’ve been hopelessly enamored with this person for 10 years. Funny how our personal and professional lives keep on colliding. It could have been us but there is no us. Irregardless of the degree of familiarity that we have on each other’s friend’s, parent’s, colleagues, interests… Nothing was ever enough, at least for him. It took me a while to realize, probably because I was in denial, that I am not and would never be the man he wants. And he can never give me anything past an orgasm.

For god knows what reason I asked him out again, it happened last weekend. For the years that we have known each other we have been taking turns “trying” each other out. Honest to goodness I was there for the relationship, I think he was too, but he’d eventually realize and remember why it wouldn’t work out and why I was not for him.

I do not think that I can ever be good enough for him, maybe yes but his reasons or excuses, I do not need anymore. It all happened in a club, with his friends, drunk and dancing I was enjoying the night away. I thought I’d be going home with him to consummate that searing sexual tension inside the emergency room we pretend to work professionally together. It’s funny really, No one knows but us, no one notices the hidden glances, skin on skin contact, inside jokes.

I could have loved him for the rest of my life. lol. no really.

He went home with someone he just met. Not even cute, the same guy who showed interest. A stranger. Just like that. Someone I have placed in a high pedestal, can be got. Just. like. that. I never felt more insulted in my entire life. I have fantasized kissing him again, now I don’t even want his mouth near me. God knows where that has been, and then some.

New Beginnings


Hopefully I keep and maintain this blog project unlike the other ones that I forgot the passwords and usernames of. This would be an avenue for all things I’m interested in, my life and other people